A wide range of activities is designed by the expert to provide interesting hands on experiences for kids that would supplement their classroom learning. The activities are designed in ways that help to explore every child’s unique learning style. A typical classroom is strategically designed in a child friendly environment where the class room equipment and materials act as an intellectual stimulant for the child’s cognitive and physical development. The key feature is our strategic teaching and learning programs which are disseminated in a gentle process enabling the child to develop a love for learning and eliminate any fear of study.. Our teaching approach grooms their learning skills and competitive abilities which builds in them the self- confidence to be a successful citizen.

TENDER HEARTS Intl preschool provides premium Early Childhood Education wherein children not just play to learn but also learn to play fair. We are a team of caring, qualified and experienced professionals who aim to give your child a quality day… every day. We create a second home for children, where they feel safe and confident enough to enquire, explore and discover more about the world around them.

We provide theme Based Preschool, Day Care and Activity Classes, all under one roof. Our school’s special features include Theme Based Integrated Curriculum that balances academics with arts, music, sport and drama, Talking Book Technology, Student Ratio 8:1, Tracking Child’s Progress, CCTV Surveillance, Quality Maintenance, etc.

• Mission •

TENDER HEARTS understands the challenges students will face as global citizens of tomorrow. We equip them with the knowledge and life skills that will help them face the future with confidence. We create a caring and stimulating environment for children to grow, learn and stand as responsible citizens.

• Vision •

Every child is unique and should be allowed to grow at his or her pace. All children can reach their potential with encouragement and a nurturing environment.